About Fresno Soap Co.


Who We Are:

Fresno Soap Co. is a non-profit production group founded for the aspiring student and artists-alike.

The Mission: 
Fresno Soap Co. (FSC) offers independent artists a place to express themselves and showcase their work in a professional environment as well as network, educate, and gain the resources needed to have their work developed and presented to greater audiences. FSC will work to effectively create community outreach programs rooted in the arts for at-risk youth and homeschooled children providing them an avenue to develop their talents and keep a positive interest in the creative arts. 



“… So get in where you fit in,
Clear your mind, Now’s the time
Put your salt on the shelf
Go on and love yourself 
'Cause everything’s gonna be alright…”

Go on and shine

- India Arie

Contact Information



1470 N Van Ness Ave.

Fresno, CA 93728


Office Hours: Tue - Fri 1pm - 5pm


Phone: (559) 475-8831


Email: info@fresnosoapco.com