Fresno Soap Co. welcomes back the beautiful works of Lynn Hock-Napoli



Returning to us from her successful show featured at the New York Art Expo, Lynn Hock-Napoli displays her work once again in our Gallery. Opening for Art Hop December 3rd, her work will be on display through March 12th. 

Lynn Hock-Napoli 


About The Artist


Lynn Hock-Napoli is a California Portrait and Figure Artist who has developed hew award winning work over the last twenty years. Lynn comes from four generations of artists. Lynn specializes in pastel and oil and creates traditional portraits and figure paintings. Lynn's portrait work truly showcases the beauty of each persons human spirit. Each work of art is a true expression of who that person is. Depth, proportion and dimension of each piece of fine art is truly amazing. People almost sense a palpable emotional connection through Lynn's level of expertise. Lynn has customers who have come back for a second and third portrait of their loved ones.