C.E.N.O Foundation

The C.E.N.O Foundation's goal is to educate the public on the importance of taking preventative measures to fight against Cancer.


Cancer Excludes No One (C.E.N.O.) is a foundation established to strengthen the community involvement in the fight against all forms of cancer, and we want you to join us in our fight. We all know that cancer is a growing epidemic, a disease that affects the lives of many, the victims as well as their families. C.E.N.O. seeks to strengthen its force to combat the devastating effects of cancer. We are committed to educating the community, and determined to gain support to advance the programs and strategies that will make a difference in the lives of those affected by this disease. 

C.E.N.O.’s goal is to educate the public on the importance of taking preventive measures, such as medical check-ups, and screenings through health fairs in the fight against cancer. The organizations ultimate mission is to establish a CENO Center to support cancer patients and their families through counseling, seminars, and financial support. Our annual fundraiser, CENO Signature Event, is designed to financially support research centers and projects to help find a cure and bring awareness for any forms of cancer. Our college scholarship program, CENO 5 Fund, is also supported by our CENO Signature Event, and promotes the educational pursuits of future doctors and health care professionals with the mission of cancer prevention.


Recognizing the power and positive influence of the performing arts, C.E.N.O. has partnered with Fresno Soap Co. (FSC) to help bring education and awareness through preforming arts programs. Fresno Soap Co. also donates its venue for C.E.N.O. events as well as gifting 10% of profits sold from FSC's retail items. Together we are addressing a great need, and fighting for a great cause. 


United Cultures exists to educate, promote and disseminate the arts, culture, and
of all the countries within the continents of the Américas and the Latino
nations of Europe. 


Our mission is to create and encourage economic opportunities, new avenues of expression for all art forms to the community and to embrace the philosophy of global brotherhood along with promoting respect for our environment.



   1.  To educate, promote and disseminate the Euro-Latin arts.

   2.  Emphasize the exposure of cultural traditions and gastronomy of all countries forming the American continents and

        the Latino Nations of Europe.

   3.  To stimulate economic opportunities and create new avenues for all artistic expression while embracing global brotherhood

        and respect for the environment through community involvement.

Our Partners

The Fresno Soap Co. has several important partners that help us in our mission to provide a place for independent artists a place to express themselves and showcase their work in a professional environment. 

our residents

The Fresno Soap Co. family is home to many talented people. Please click here to learn more about our resident artists.